Welcome to Staxotrax Web Design and Development, The Staxotrax name has been moved forward with the completion of this department and its website as the world of the internet is no easy place to conquer. Staxotrax Web Design and Development now offers a one off  a kind service to those not knowing which path to take when setting up a web presence. Our hosting plans are deigned to work with are design and Development plans given you the customer a all-round package.
A Independent Memorial Mason. With the current and ever growing world of computers and there presents around us Ian decided to seek a presents on the web. A great look using; real life wording by Ian for his new logo, flash for a attractive and eye catching home and images of his work place on all pages.
The 1st Tolworth Scout Groups website is one of the largest we have done to date. It combines a standard static page website with active pages. The leaders of the organisation can login and edit the pages content with events, news, shout outs and galleries. This making the website always up to date with the latest information. The current area in the pipe line is, the parents been able to view letters and handouts online instead of handing out lots of peaces of paper at meetings and or if the parents are not there at the time.
This portal is a tool developed for DAE Standards UK. It allows the user to search a large data base of links to standards and at the same time change the search criteria . The portal also allows members of the organisation to login and edit the data base and the content of the home page.
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